Why Maison de Beauté Bellefontaine?

The protection of the skin’s immune system is at the core of the Bellefontaine brand. The fight against soft inflammation, the non- genetic aging of the skin caused by a chronic inflammation of the cells, is the foundation of our 360 degrees anti-aging philosophy.

In soft inflammation, the body does not begin the repair stage that should usually happen. This causes the release of free radicals, which attack collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, harming the skin. Consequently, collateral effects include wrinkles, redness, a dull complexion and premature aging. The skin’s defenses need to be stimulated in order to block and prevent this process. This is where the Bellefontaine’s synergy between the continuous research, cutting edge biotechnologies, incomparable active ingredients and biomimetic textures, generates unsurpassed and outstanding results.

Our Approach

Understanding your skincare needs

Not only will your questions be answered, but your skincare aspirations will become a reality as you discuss your skin type, concerns, and ambitions with one of our specialists.

Customizing your routine

It's essential to find the right products that are compatible with your skin.

Professional Guidence

At the request of our clients one of our specialists can create a custom AM and PM routine. After Maison de Beauté specialists will follow up on your skincare routine throughout the year, offering seasonal advice and the most cutting-edge technology for greater results.

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